State of the Art, Buffalo NY

Custom Picture Framing and Much More

On Hertel Avenue in Beautiful, Historic, Hip, and Happening  North Buffalo

 50 years of framing experience

Located on Hertel since 1982


State of the Art is currently closed until we hear the “all clear.”  Mama Lucy and I are self-isolating at home in Canada, and she is being reintroduced to her three sons she has not seen in over eight years.

We shall return as soon as humanly possible.  I have a lot of framing to do!  As soon as we are back I promise I will phone you when your order is finished.   We are all in the same boat here, but since I cannot swim I have no intention of sinking.

If you need to reach me, you can find me on Facebook:

Everyone, please follow these simple rules for living :

Stay home.

Wash your hands.

Stay safe.


We talk with people – we listen to people – we frame and fix “stuff” for people.  Bring us a challenge – we think we can do anything!   (You may think I am using the “royal we” but there are two of us in the shop – Mar and Mama Lucy the rescued kitty!  Mar does all the work – Mama Lucy observes, meows constantly, and happily accepts treats.)

We proudly present a kaleidoscope of our services:  outstanding custom picture framing (matting, frame repair, glass replacement, needlework, and shadowboxes, etc), superlative photographic restoration, and the meticulous  repair of an infinite variety of your precious personal artifacts.  

I have been spending all of my energy working on our Facebook page.  Have fun looking through the many albums of photos of framing and restoration projects (plus a lot of pictures of the gorgeous Mama Lucy, who is now known as the tubby tortie). Give us a Like, thanks!  To contact State of the Art, please leave a message on this Facebook page.  Your message will be answered as soon as Facebook deigns to show it to me.  You can also phone (832-3900) and leave a voice message on my old-fashioned answering machine (on my copper-wired land line). 

2020 Update:    My hip surgery is all done and while I may not be jumping up and down yet but I am mostly walking without a cane and pain-free at last!  Still working on regaining my full strength; because I love framing – and I hope and pray I have a lot more years of framing ahead of me!

State of the Art

1781 Hertel Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14216


“We may not be big but we’re small.” 

(Thank you and RIP Stuart McLean)

What is the state of your art?